Atomik Vodka!

In 2019, a group of scientists and distillers decided to create a bold new type of booze: Atomik, an artisanal alcoholic spirit made from ingredients grown in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s still-radioactive exclusion zone. The booze itself was not radioactive after the distilling process, Live Science previously reported.

Now, the first batch of Atomik is finally complete and all 1,500 bottles of it have been seized by Ukrainian Secret Services agents for unknown reasons, according to a statement from Atomik’s manufacturer, The Chernobyl Spirit Company.

A spokesman said “It seems that they are accusing us of using forged Ukrainian excise stamps, but this doesn’t make sense since the bottles are for the U.K. market and are clearly labelled with valid U.K. excise stamps”

Atomik is made from apples grown in Ukraine’s Narodychi District, which sits on the edge of the exclusion zone and was heavily polluted by fallout from the meltdown. This region still has a population of nearly 10,000 people, according to Ukraine’s State Statistics Service, and must abide by stringent agricultural restrictions.

With Atomik, the creators aim to prove that some products made near  the exclusion zone can be safe for consumption, according to the company’s website. Several years ago, the Atomik team tested rye crops from the exclusion zone for radiation, and found that the grains were indeed contaminated!