BREXIT – buying or selling items UK / Spain

Brexit takes a harder bite…

Customers in Europe buying products ranging from furniture to pet food from UK companies are receiving unexpected bills for VAT and customs declarations or finding household names have stopped shipping to the continent, as post-Brexit trading rules bite. Some retailers have promised no additional charges, but several international platforms have halted deliveries to Europe from their UK sites, instead directing buyers to national versions in, for example, France. Despite the tariff-free deal, customs duties will apply to goods ordered from the UK that do not originate from Britain. Goods ordered from and manufactured in the UK should not attract customs duty, but products ordered from the UK worth more than that €150 and shipped from outside Britain will. While continental buyers are no longer charged British VAT on UK purchases, they must now pay local VAT in their country of residence although this is waived for orders under €22 until 31 July. Platforms such as Amazon are entitled to collect continental VAT on orders worth less than €150.

TIP: Don’t order anything from the UK until you know exactly what the local IVA charges will be depending on the article you are either shipping or receiveing. Seek advice from your courier, correos or shipping handler for VAT / IVA. Some companies will offer to handle all costs but will present the bill to you on receipt of your goods.