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It’s been a long time since a website for business was something secondary or was only about the image. In modern realities, a website is a necessity, an obligatory point in communicating with the consumer, it is very important for a development strategy, and it can not be ignored.

If you are someone who needs a website but still doubts its effectiveness, we have some arguments for you.

Business development and new customers: A high-quality website becomes a stable source of new customers in 95% of cases. Flexibility in experimenting: The website allows you to quickly carry out the experiments with analytics capabilities that are not available offline: banners, promotions, e-mail distribution, contextual advertising – seeing the results, you can quickly make changes on the site, increasing its efficiency.

Communication: Question and communication forms, forum, question and answer page, integration with social networks, online consultant. 

Building community and brand: Building a full-fledged community around your web project using a website will strengthen your position and help you stand out from your competitors. Information support and service: The rapid change of information on the site is possible at any time and anywhere in the world ensuring you’re a step ahead!

Every website is formed of three basic building blocks. The first of these is a domain name. You’ll have typed countless domain names before, even if you don’t know what they are. Maybe you’ve called them “website addresses” or similar. Choosing the right domain name is vital, because it will become an important part of your business’s identity.

You can find a guide to choosing your perfect domain name here.

In terms of price, the cost of your domain name will depend on the domain extension you pickbut you can expect to pay around £15 a year for your domain. 

The next basic building block of your website is the web hosting. A website essentially consists of several different computer files and all those files need to be stored somewhere, and that place is a web server.

A web server is essentially a computer that is always connected to the internet and always switched on. Now you could build your own web server for your website, but that would be too expensive for many businesses.

That’s why web hosting exists. Essentially, web hosting involves paying a company such as GoDaddy to host your website on your behalf. The cost of web hosting varies greatly.. averaging costs are between £6.99 and £79.99 a month (excluding dedicated servers), although there are special offers that can make set up costs for your site lower. The package you need will depend on your business requirements.

The third building block of your website is the content. Exactly what content you need will vary depending on the kind of business you’re running and the functionality you want for you site. For simple sites, you can provide yourself. For more complex sites, you may need to hire someone to write copy for your website, and maybe even take and edit images. It’s a good idea to plan what content you need for your website before you decide what kind of site you’ll be creating, as knowing what you need on your site will help you understand the best option for you. 

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