Holidays 2021 – Should I stay or should I go?

Come Fly With Me… or maybe wait a bit longer!

Brits are desperate for a holiday after nearly a year of coronavirus, masks, and staying at home. While there was some relaxation of rules in summer 2020, many people decided against booking a risky trip that could be cancelled anyway. Experts have revealed that the UK’s financial priorities have changed over the past year, with 22 percent of adults planning to spend more money on travelling this year if the non-essential travel restrictions change. 

As the vaccine roll out continues across the world, people are becoming increasingly optimistic that ‘normal life’ will soon resume. However, despite some airline advertisements suggesting you can get the “jab and go”, that is not written in stone. We still have no idea when the ban on non-essential travel will be lifted, and just this week the UK National Public Health Emergency Team re-emphasised the risks associated with overseas travel. Known as the most depressing month of the year, it is no surprise that January is usually the most popular time to book a holiday. Many UK travel companies have reported a surge in summer bookings over the last few weeks, as the speedy vaccine roll out there gives people renewed hope.The association said the majority of bookings being made at the moment are from people rescheduling trips which were due to take place in 2020, and were disrupted by the outbreak of the pandemic. While holidays abroad ground to a halt last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many will be hoping to return to the skies at some stage in 2021. 

Take care if making bookings for 2021 and carefully read all terms and conditions, as flight changes and cancellation policies vary from airline to airline – Read the small print! 

Package holidays seemingly have more protection than individual direct bookings with various carriers. 

A package holiday is considered a pre-arranged or customised holiday or trip that is sold at an inclusive price through a travel agent or tour operator, which must last at least 24 hours, or include an overnight stay. 

It must also include at least two of the following: transport, accommodation, car or other vehicle hire, or other tourist services or activities – for instance, golf or hill walking.