Moving to Spain post Brexit?

The Man With The Golden Visa!

The Golden Visa is available to those who buy a property (or- properties) in Spain worth at least €500,000 (or have done so since 2013). You can work in Spain and there is no limit on days spent there. Each family member needs to apply.

If one of a married couple has an EU passport then the process can be easier: the British citizen can piggyback on the EU citizen’s application for residency. Common-law partners might need to provide proof of status

Over-65s moving to Spain will continue to enjoy the same access to Spanish state healthcare as Spanish citizens, via the S1. This is a healthcare entitlement certificate available to those in receipt of a UK state pension

Note that not all healthcare is free of charge (even to the Spanish) and that post-Brexit, over-65s will not retain right to access the NHS if they return to the UK.

Under-65s must take out private healthcare – but once they have been living (and social security contributions) in Spain for a year then they can access Spanish state healthcare (via convenio)

Pensioners can draw their pensions whilst living in Spain – UK State pensions will be uprated – but both private and state pensions will be taxed in Spain if they are tax resident there. They will be subject to the same minimum-income requirements for the non-lucrative visa as under-65s. If you have a family member already living in Spain you might be considered for ‘family reunification’ rights in your application. For up to date information contact the British Consulate.