Night of San Juan 2021 RESTRICTED!

The National Police will cooperate with the Local Police in matters of security during the COVID restrictions for San Juan Night 2021.

To do this, they will operate throughout the night of San Juan adapting to the needs in terms of citizen security. As reported on Tuesday the mayor orders that the beaches of the municipality of Malaga will remain closed from 22.00 hours on June 23 until 08.00 hours on June 24, 2021 with the aim of preventing crowds from occurring and thus contain the contagions of COVID-19.

From this Thursday, an information campaign will be carried out to remind the people of Malaga, especially the younger community, the closure of the beaches during the night of San Juan. Media such as outdoor advertising, social networks and radio spots. Also the PA systems on the beaches themselves. The Local Security Board have also participated the Councilor for Security – Avelino Barrionuevo, the councilor of Beaches – Teresa Porras, the Delegate of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, Carlos Bautista; and commanders of the local and national police.

This purpose is to implement the necessary minimum safety distance of 1.5 metres on beaches and between different groups of people, as well as to adhere to distancing, hygiene, and preventative measures.

Beach Gear
Additionally, the erection of tents is prohibited, as is the installation of any tents, tarpaulin structures, or other shelters, regardless of their materials or shapes, open or closed. Umbrellas may be installed as long as they are easily dismantled.

Along with these beach access regulations, the cleaning and disinfection of toilets has been stepped up to ensure their continued health and hygiene.

Local measures
Additionally, the Ayuntamiento de Rincón De La Victoria statement includes a list of recommendations for responsible beach use and measures for the San Juan celebration from 21:00 hours on 23 June to 7:00 hours on 24 June.

During this time it is prohibited to occupy the beaches with tables, chairs, tents, or towels, as well as any other activity other than bathing or strolling.

Police will establish a security device this weekend to monitor and implement the requirements.

Note: Check your local ayuntamiento website for a detailed guidelines in your area.