Riding Off Into The Sunset In Sanlúcar!

Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Is a small town on the edge of an estuary, where the fresh waters of the

Guadalquivir river, meet the salty Atlantic sea

First impressions like many

Andalucian towns might not be promising, but take a better look and you will

find that this fascinating port town with beautiful crumbling palaces, shady

courtyards and old bodegas has a lot to offer.

With a rich historical background, it’s location was key to the flow of ships that

sailed out discovering and colonising new land and returning with riches..

Sanlucar lost it’s strategic value after 1645 when the the “house of trade” for

the goods was moved to Cadiz. In the 19th century the economy of the city

was converted to viticulture and summer tourism. It is currently home to the

Manzanilla sherry and also internationally renowned for its horse racing on

the beaches in August and flamenco music.

The town also has a strong reputation for its food and particularly seafood.

There are lots of very good bars and restaurants, some more famous than

others. Bar Balbino on the main square is a must, and if you can elbow your

way to the counter, try the “tortilla de camerones” which are crispy Andalusian

shrimp fritters (tiny gambas fried with spring onions and chickpea flour) with a

glass of dry manzanilla sherry.

Sanlúcar si opposite the Doñana national park. It is a popular destination for

fishing, birding and hiking; and has miles of beaches, flowing grasses,

marshes, creeks and streams.

If you can visit this town in August don't miss the horse racing. You can bet on

the horses and experience the races along the beach, cheering along with the

crowds in your swim suits. We had so much fun!