Steve vai – Inviolate / Cervantes Theatre Málaga

Steve Vai, one of the most highly acclaimed rock guitarists of all time, a virtuoso, band member to many greats such a Frank Zappa / Dave lee Roth / Whitesnake and of course his own band VAI. It’s not easy to maintain greatness and longevity in the live concert touring ciruits for a such a virtuoso and soloist musician. Only a certain amount of your fan base can be kept alive from your past works and reputation, so how is it working out for one of the all time greats Steve Vai?  

Steve comments “touring is becoming so expensive, we have to really work at the figures to make it possible to acheive”. Therefore venue size and locations are carefully selected in order to keep the tour profitable and successful. Steve is very aware and very open on the business side of the logistics however no one can accuse him of losing sight of his passion for music and performance. 

With his hand picked accompanying musicians, exceptionally experienced I might add, Steve proudly presents his VAI machine to the historic Cervantes theatre in only the way that Steve Vai can. Churning up de-tuned riffs from the early “Crossroads” movie through to his latest pieces from Inviolate, Steve Vai teases, tortures and tantilises the audience with his tonally liquid wizardry. Do you have to be a guitarist to appreciate this show? That maybe so, however you will never witness this kind of performance from any other guitarist. If a 3 necked guitar beast doesn’t spike your curiosity, then nothing will. Was this the best rock’n’roll show I’ve seen? No, not by a long shot. Was it entertaining? Absolutely and you cannot miss watching Steve Vai at work EVER if you are in anyway a guitar fan. Altogether it was the perfect venue for an entertaining Vai show. TEATRO CERVANTES MÁLAGA Monday 27th March         jj the ed