The Cathedral Of Wine…

Sometimes the best things in life just take time… The story began in 1821, when the Barbadillo family settled in Sanlucar de Barrameda and bottled Manzanilla for the first time in 1827, you will discover all the secrets kept within their casks since then including the secrets of the soil, the weather and the sea….

On visiting Sanlúcar de Barrameda, you cannot leave without immersing yourself in the knowledge of the special sherries of this region. Barbadillo has around 17 bodegas in the geographical sherry triangle. These sherries are famous world wide and part of the staple gastronomy here in Sanlúcar. 

We chose to visit Bodega and Museum Barbadillo situated next to the castle overlooking the town to the see and surrounding countryside. On arrival we chose the wine and tasting tour which took us through the history, the production process , the secrets, the magic and finally the tasting of these fantastic wines. You will learn about the solera technique, the modern day process of wine aging and refining as well as the traditional elements needed to 

maintain the standards and the continuity of the wines.

We were greeted and introduced to the Bodega by the wonderful team of experts who guided us and were very open and knowledgeable about answering the many questions we had en route. Even for the non-enthusiast, the tour evokes your mind and even if you try to resist, the atmospheric history of the Cathedral of wine, it will drag 

your imagination into the 1800’s beyond your control. Understanding and experiencing this wonderful process at Barbadillo was a delight and a necessity for understanding and enjoying the town of Sanlúcar and the region of Jerez. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Barbadillo Sanlúcar: Tel 956 385 521