There’s Tapas & There’s TAPAS!

The ever more popular and evolving world of TAPAS!

There is no shortage of tapas dishes to try. Cod fritters, Catalan spinach, boquerones, Iberico ham, croquetas. The list is endless. What isn’t endless is your stomach’s ability to intake food. Under the standard dining style, you typically order a single entrée with potentially an appetiser or dessert. If you do all three, it’s likely to be more food than you can eat.

With the smaller portions in tapas, you have a greater ability to add variety to your meal. This is what sets small plates apart. There is no set amount of tapas that will leave you feeling full, that’s down to the individual. It will depend on the place, your preference and the type of dishes you order. However, the general consensus is to get two to three dishes per person. If you are alone, that’s just a couple of menu items. When you go with a group, your meal has just expanded while still providing the same amount of food. In a group of four people, you could potentially get a taste of 12 different dishes. As empowering as dining alone can be, it’s best to grab some friends when going out for tapas. Besides, eating tapas is a very sociable activity, meant for engaging with others while you eat and drink. At Jolly Jacks you’ll find tapas, and then you’ll find tapas with a difference hence their business model  “Eat Different”. Tucked away in Fuengirola Port, Jolly Jacks is a treasure chest of tapas. Don’t let an English business put you off ordering staple Spanish tapas, “Chef Dom” will not disappoint!